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Row For Reveille

Row For Reveille

We are honored and humbled to be a sponsor for such a cool event. This Saturday - Sunday from 9am - 9am we will be rowing 10 mins on the hour, every hour for 24 hours. Will we make it the full 24? Follow our story this weekend to see it all unfold.
Until then, go to or give them a follow @thereveilleproject to check out the work they’re doing to help restore veteran’s lives post-active duty. You can refer a vet, donate, or set up a fundraiser of your own. Thank you vets!

Below content courtesy Row 4 Reveille

What is R4R?

Row For Reveille (R4R) is a fundraising event to support The Reveille Project (TRP), an organization whose mission is to help veterans restore their lives post-Active Duty. TRP provides access to tools that aid veterans in their ability to integrate socially, emotionally, physically and spiritually back into civilian life.

The event is a row for MAXIMUM meters, where participants will row as hard as they can for 10 minutes and then recover for 50 minutes. They will complete 24 rounds, encompassing an entire 24-hour period. This workout was originally written by retired U.S. Marine Corps Major and CrossFit HQ staff member, Brian "Tosh" Chontosh who will be participating in the event.

TRP President, Ryan Foster as well as TRP Vice-President, Kevin Ogar will be on hand as well as notable CrossFit personalities: Nicole Carroll, Director of CrossFit Training & Certification, former CrossFit Games Update Show host and analyst, Pat Sherwood and 5-time CrossFit Games athlete, Cole Sager.

The spirit of the R4R is to row as hard as you can for every round, therefore prizes will be awarded to the top male and female rowers. Additionally, prizes will be awarded to athletes who demonstrate the greatest consistency across all 24 intervals, demonstrate the greatest spirit throughout the event as well as to the winners of several incentive rounds (known as primes in the cycling world) throughout the 24-hour period. This will be a great test of physical and mental fortitude.

R4R particpants will receive a commemorative hoodie sweatshirt. Additionally, food, beverages and massage will be available to participants throughout the entire 24-hour period. A post-event celebration will also be included.

The goal of R4R is to raise $15,000-$20,000 for The Reveille Project.


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